The 8 Hottest Hawaiian Babes Of All Time

There is nothing like a weekend of drinking, girls and a lot of good jokes with friends. I've never been to Hawaii, but I knew once this Hawaiian guy and he says it's the best place in the whole wide world. Besides the awesome weather and pig roasts are the unbelievable hot women. He said the hot women all  like to feed every man fresh pig meat from the pig roast while they will amaze you in ways you will never think of!  And you know what, I totally believed him.

#8 Hot Brunette Has A Hypnotized... - I am seriously considering a career in hypnosis I just have no idea how one can become a hypnotist?

#7 Kiana Tom - The ESPN fitness guru has made a career out showing people how to properly exercise.

#6 Tia Carrere - She will always be known as Wayne Cambell's girlfriend and for the lovely Playboy spread that she was nice enough to do years later.

#5 Michelle Carrera - There's a reason why I put Michelle this high on the list. I give you one guess as to what reason that might be.

#4 Kelly Hu - The hot chick from X-Men 2 and Scorpion king. I think Kelly was also in Sunset Beach!

#3 Shannyn Sossamon - I've always been a closet Shannyn Sossamon fan. 

#2 Pualei Lani - I have no idea how you pronounce her first name... And I don't really care :)

#1 Jarah Mariano - If you have an hour to waste, I highly recommend you spend all of it looking at Jarah's 2008 SI swimsuit issue spread. 


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