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Funny Gender Reversal

It's hilarious to see how famous male celebrities looks like a woman.

Celebrity Demotivational Posters


Human Zoos / Negro Villages

This type of cruelty was called Negro Village back in the 19th century. The Human Zoo often accentuated the ethnical differences between Europeans of Western civilisation and non-European peoples. Ethnographical zoos were frequently proclaimed on unilinealism, scientific racism, and a version of Social Darwinism. Many of them had indigenous people (particularly Africans) as the missing link between great apes and humans of European descent. (Source: Wikipedia)

Negro Villages could be found in New York, London, Warsaw, Barcelona, Hamburg and other cities around the world. Many people attended these human zoos.

A Negro Village was the main attraction at the 1889 Parisian World’s Fair. About 28 million people visited it.

Negro Villages were so popular in Germany that even German-Prussian statesman of the late 19th century Bismarck attended one of them.

These are five Indians from Kawesqar tribe that were taken brutally from Chile back in 1881 to be shown to the world in one of the E…