Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Zombie Teddy Bears Need Love Too

From the sinister mind of John Pinkerton these zombie teddy bears are sure to bring any toddler to tears. Appropriately named The Scare Bears: Rotten, Sinister, Delirium, Glum and Dismal, these would make a fine Halloween present for your dearest. John was apparently inspired by a teddy bear created by his mother.

John's company Pinkerton FX specializes in professional sculpting, toy design, painting and makeup effects.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Unusual Road Marking 'Street Art' by Peter Gibson

Peter Gibson, is also known as Roadsworth, is keen that attaches to road markings city of Montreal more than a pretty kettle and a live appearance. He started in 2001 with a drawing on cycle tracks. The artist himself said that he would like to create a new vision for the seemingly everyday things, in particular, and to attract universal attention to the “automobile culture” in general.

In autumn 2004, Peter Gibson was arrested and charged with committing 53 crimes related to the deterioration of road markings, but thanks to the support of residents of the city was relatively lenient sentence.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Amazing Art when Photoshop was'nt there

Did you know that Photoshop was invented way back in the 19th Century? Many historical current photos that you know of might not be actually what they seem!

One of the most famous photograph of Abraham Lincoln in 1860. But only his head was real in the picture as the body belongs to someone called John Calhoun.

See the difference between these 2 photos? The guy sitting on the right was General Francis Blair, who was apparently added only later (1865).

The guy on the left quarreled with Mao Ze Dong and his picture was removed (1936).

The guy missing seems to be called Goebbels in this photograph taken with Hitler. Reason is unknown (1937).

Sitting on a horse by yourself - Cool! Sitting on a horse held by a handler - Not so Cool. This guy is Benito Mussolini by the way (1942).

The guy in the center is Carlos Franco, who apparently quarreled with Fidel Castro after Fidel supported the entry of Soviet troops in Czech Republic (1968). Thus he disappeared from the photo.

This photographer, John Filo, won the Pulitzer Prize but was manipulated for the cover of the Life magazine to remove the rear fence. Don't ask me why.

This is a photograph of the negotiations between Chancellor Willy Brandt of Germany and Leonid Brezhnev. Rumored has it that all of them were rather drunk during the meeting. You can see the disappearing wine bottles in the German press compared to the Soviet press on the top.

The 'gang of four', a group of Chinese Communist Party leaders were sacked and arrested in 1976 after the death of Mao Zedong. Thus explains their disappearance from the photo.

Below photo was a combination of the 2 photographs below. The photographer who did it in 2003 was fired from Los Angeles Times.

Below photograph shows a convicted John Kerry supporting an anti-war rally by Jane Fonda in 1971. But hey, was the rally actually held in-doors?

Clement Harda was an illustrator for children's books. We can't have this guy seen holding a cigarette in his hands can we (2005)?

Indian actress Khushbu sued MAXIM for attaching her head to someone else's body (2005). Take the hint girl!

Perhaps trivial, but the positions of the pyramids have been moved to fit onto the cover page of National Geographic (1982).

Monday, September 22, 2008

World upside down

What Chefs Get Up To When They're Bored

Ever wondered what chefs get up to when they've got a bit of time to spare?

Well the secret is revealed in these internet images of culinary creativity with fruit, vegetables and other types of food.


Core blimey... just look what happens when fruit goes bad


Don't be a butter fingers or you'll lose that loot


A flock of sheep that is sure to give you the cauli-wobbles


Looks like Duncan Goodhew's been pipped at the post in this melon


Left: Why is Adam's apple so glum? And will it play Pear Jesu?


Left: Anyone for pram and eggs? And right, it's a satsumo wrestler


At least you can say goodbye to orange peel skin


This is definitely not a cabbage white, left, and open-toed loafers are all the rage


Two old friends ketchup on the news, left, and a lemon gets in a tight squeeze


Left: It's certainly a loaf less ordinary and right, water(melon) on tap

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vintage Underwater Women Photography : Hot Pictures

Police Humor

Tired of Inspiration Posters ? Top 9 Demotivational Posters

They never tell you like it really is. Tired of inspiration posters in your office that urge you to do things the company wants you to do? Here are some that are not what the boss had in mind!