12 Most Controversial AIDS Ads

NOTE: this post contains explict images. If you are under 18 we advise you to see it under parenting supervision.

European HIV charities sentenced a fresh German AIDS advertisement featuring Adolf Hilter, Josef Stalin and Saddam Hussein's doubles having sexual activity with nude women. The punch line of the advertisement is “Aids is a mass murderer” mentioning to the fact that so many people die of AIDS every year.

Aids Makes Us Equal (France). Not even Superman is safe!

German AIDS awareness ads: "It's easy to lose your head when you're horny."

MTV is becoming quite overstrung with this AIDS knowingness advertising campaign in Brazil. The adverts evidence retro figures of threesomes with a copy that covers the adult male inguen with the text “Except for AIDS, nothing has changed”.

no vagina = no sex = no AIDS. By Agency CLM BBDO / France. The logo says: AIDS does not concern you?

"Each time you sleep with someone, you also sleep with his past". Campaign to promote HIV tests.


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