Monday, May 10, 2010

Top Controversial Album Covers

Violent barbarities, drug-taking, nudeness, blood and religion-bashing – this decennium bears an copiousness of disgraceful and trenchant record album covers rear their heads. Here Gigwise figures the 40 most controversial of the 2000s. Beware, approximately all are rather perturbing...

1. Ice T: 'Gangsta Rap' (2006) - Having the infamous ass of Ice-T's wife Coco, this raw album cover for rap album 'Gangsta Rap' is an eye catching matter.

2. Sebastien Tellier: 'Sexuality' (2008)

3. Crash Radio: 'Crash Radio' (2004)

4. Andrew W K: ‘I Get Wet’ (2001) – W K’s first appearance album was incriminated of supporting cocaine use cheers to the image of the vocalist with blood gushing from each anterior naris.

5. The Strokes: 'Is This It' (2001)

6. Megadeth: 'The System Has Failed' (2004) - This raw picture showing neatness presents the way people experienced about George Bush and the Iraq war.

7. Megapuss: 'Surfing' (2008) – Devendra Banhart and Gregory Rogove's cooperative record album boasts the nude, hairy pair fighting with knives on the front album cover.

8. Dwarves: 'The Dwarves Must Die' (2004)

9. Nas: 'Untitled' (2008)

10. Xiu Xiu: 'A Promise' (2003) – In this image we can see something profoundly troubling. A bare-ass man carrying a baby doll turned and approximate to his privates. This is crazy, at least.

Bonus: Rammstein: 'Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da' (2009) - The title translates virtually into 'Love Is There For Everyone'. Resembling a classical biblical picture, the album cover describes the band conglomerated around a nude female child with one member ominously bearing a slaughter's knife higher up her. You can also see roughly phallic fruit in the spotlight and a few flesh eating plants at the back.

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